Building a joyful and abundant neighborhood, knit together by meaningful relationships, through our vision of shared resources, shared outcomes, shared dreams. 

Bringing greater health and wellness to all Louisvillians by serving medically vulnerable neighbors experiencing food insecurity, and engaging the community in the work of justice 

What We Provide

--fostering greater health and wellness of medically vulnerable Louisville neighbors through the delivery of food and household supplies, facilitating access to needed services, and offering social support

--engaging the community in the work of justice through education, shared resources, and building just relationships

--meaningful and flexible volunteer experiences that make a direct impact on the lives of all involved

--the opportunity to live your values through contributing to the just, equitable, and loving future we all dream of

--belonging to a caring community that is not segregated by geography, race, and class, but united through just and meaningful relationships and shared resources, shared outcomes, shared dreams

Who We Are

Incorporated in July 2020, Bringing Justice Home is an all-volunteer nonprofit founded and led by a caring community, including people who are Black, women, LGBTQ, disabled, and progressive Christians. We are inclusive and interfaith in practice, relationally focused, and committed to centering the lived experience of the poor, the marginalized, the disabled, and those with chronic illnesses. 

Food justice is social justice.

"It makes me feel good that at least somebody cares."

Our neighbor, Jeffery, shares how Bringing Justice Home has helped him.

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