Shared Dreams

"We should believe in each other's dreams"

On her 1972 album, Amazing Grace, Aretha Franklin covers Marvin Gaye's song, "Wholly Holy." 

We take inspiration from these lyrics and they provide guidance for our vision: shared resources, shared outcomes, shared dreams. We dream of a world where we can come together, holy and wholly, to share with each other, to dream with each other, in order to bring about a just future. 

"Holy Wholly

Come together wholly

People we have got to come together

With all of the strength

With all of the feeling 

Why Holy Wholly ...

We should believe

Believe in each others dreams"

We believe that facilitating systemic change to reduce social problems is only the first step. To create lives of joy, abundance, and meaning, we need to go beyond fighting what is wrong to putting forward affirmative visions of the world we want to live in. That's why shared dreams is a part of our vision.

What is your dream? 

Will you share it with us?

We would love to share your dreams here on our Gallery of Dreams

Using the form linked here, briefly describe your dream, and, if you wish, upload a picture of yourself.