Won't you be our neighbor?

Thank you for your interest in Bringing Justice Home.

For questions about immediate food assistance, you can call Dare to Care at 502-966-3821, or go to daretocare.org and click on Need Food to locate food pantries in your area. For other resources, you can dial 211 to find out information about emergency shelter, clothing, legal aid, and more.

Won't you be our neighbor?

If you are experiencing poverty, food insecurity, and chronic health conditions that render accessing traditional food pantries a health risk, or if you know someone who is, Bringing Justice Home can help. We offer the following services at no cost to you.

--home-delivered groceries and household supplies customized to your particular needs.

--meaningful individually-tailored social support in order to lessen the negative impacts of social isolation.

--assistance with accessing relevant community resources

--small grants to help weather unexpected storms or cover other basic necessities where appropriate community resources are unavailable.

If you, or someone you know, might benefit from the services we offer, please complete the form below. We will respond within two to three business days.