Co-founder Maria with neighbor Mattie at the 

annual BJH ice cream social

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving and is held each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is a day that inspires people to give and support the causes they believe in, and we hope you're as concerned as we are about food insecurity, right here in Louisville. Bringing Justice Home exists to tackle food insecurity among our medically vulnerable Louisville neighbors who find it difficult to access food pantries.

So not only do we deliver, but we invite the people we serve to choose the food and supplies they want -- anything that their hearts desire. 

And if you love the dignity of choice we provide, get this: we also supply food and treats for the pets who bring joy into their worlds. 

Share the joy of the season by helping our neighbors' holidays feel more festive.

OUR GOAL: $2,500 

As we approach the holidays, where there is additional emphasis on sharing meals and feasting,     your neighbors who do not have enough to eat will feel especially isolated. 

In fact, at intake, when asked about social support in their lives, 48 percent of our neighbors report that they often feel left out, and 24 percent say they feel left out some of the time.

Your generous gift today will make a difference right away. During these challenging and uncertain times, you can do something concrete to improve the lives of your neighbors. Whether it's oyster stuffing, oxtail soup, or sweet potato pie, your neighbors will be able to continue their family's holiday meal traditions this year with your help.

Food and Supplies Delivered. Dignity of Choice. Social Support. 

A new kind of neighborhood integrated through our vision of 

shared resources, shared outcomes and shared dreams.

Please help us reach our goal with a gift of any size.