Our Mission

Bringing Justice Home is a Louisville nonprofit that fosters health and wellness for people experiencing poverty, food insecurity, and chronic health conditions through delivering food and household supplies, facilitating access to needed services, and offering social support, and seeks to engage the community in the work of justice through education, sharing resources, and building just relationships.

Just relationships are "safe spaces where each of us is free to become our whole self" (Kelley, 2017). When we build relationships with qualities such as equity, fairness, equality, dialogue, mutual respect, and nonviolent communication, good things can happen for everybody. Everybody can get what they need. Everybody is valued. We share our outcomes, our resources, and our dreams.

Bringing Justice Home uses the word "neighbor" to refer to those we serve, rather than "client," in order to normalize our interdependence, eliminate the stigma of needing help, and demonstrate our desire to build just relationships. We are committed to putting justice at the heart of what we do and bringing justice closer to home. We believe that before it can be a reality in the world, justice must be a reality within each of our hearts.

Kelley, D. L. (2017). Just relationships: Living out social justice as mentor, family, friend and lover. New York: Routledge.