How We Engage

We are guided by justice, trustworthiness, and imagination for what’s possible.

Our fundamental equality requires us to start with healing in our own selves, and in our relationships with others so that we can collaborate in truly just ways rather than by privileged use of power. The requirements of integrity, honesty, and steadfastness keep us open to learning, acknowledging error, and striving to improve the quality of our partnerships with individuals and groups in the community. We will neither neglect nor settle for known ways of doing things, and hope that the creative power of human insight and commitment can open up better ways to care for each other.

This leads us to be there when we say we will and follow through on our promises to provide goods and services to those we serve, without regard to the financial and personal cost.

The uniqueness of each person we serve will lead us to do what uniquely helps, based on how we can work together. We will seek others in our community (and beyond) who are doing similar work in order to learn from their experience and expertise, share resources, and forge partnerships. We will seek to build awareness about the needs, desires, and dreams of our neighbors in order to foster compassion, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and secure basic human rights for all Louisvillians, thus bringing us closer and closer to a community where everyone can thrive.